We moved into a house pre-filled with sludge, sludge from past residents- no telling how far back. But, we’ve also added our own layer of sludge. It builds up in the crevices of the shower tile, toilet seat edges, and window sills. It hides under the fridge and creeps out from beneath the dishwasher and oven, trying to one day merge together to take over the kitchen.

I sweep and mop and dust and I clean the counters. But, the sludge still remains despite the fact I cleaned the house. Because, in reality all I was doing was giving the house a superficial spit shine, making it look pretty on the outside, never touching the deeper sludge hiding in the tile grout and under appliances.


Why miss the gunk lying in the shadows?

                Because, it is simply easier to ignore what most others, and quite often me, rarely ever notice.

                Until the one day the sludge forces itself to be seen!

As it creeps out calling my name,

“Christina notice me.

Pick at me.

Yell at me

Curse me to the wind!”

Calling me until I get down on hands and knees to scrub and dig, flaking old layer after layer out of its hiding spot.  But, to no avail, the sludge remains.  Always.  So, I give in and up and walk away tired of the dig, tired of the deep clean. I’d rather spit shine, I’d rather fall back to the ease of the sweep-mop-clean routine.





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