PROVERBS 5…. A Rewrite for Today’s Man

I (Nathaniel) had this shared with me by a friend recently and I received his permission to share it with you.


1 Young men, and yes, even old men (for it is every man’s battle), should pay attention.   Allow me to share with you some wisdom.

2 I am hoping that with this wisdom you will realize that you CAN choose to make good decisions, and you CAN choose to avoid pornography.  You CAN win this battle and share with others how you are accomplishing it.

3 As you probably know, you must always be on your guard.  The advertising is everywhere.  Even in seemingly innocent places, it will appear.  They try to entice you with pictures, and they try to get you to click on their links or visit their sites.

4 But what really do they lead to?  Don’t you know if you choose to follow them, you are slowly poisoning yourself?  Do not under estimate the danger you are putting yourself in.

5 To be blunt, clicking her picture or clicking that link will lead you down a path of death.  Following the click-trail to all the other images or videos is indeed a rabbit hole that makes its’ way straight to Hell.

6 The people who make pornography don’t care about you or your life.  The girl in the picture doesn’t care what it does to you.  She doesn’t realize that she is ruining her own life at the same time.

7 Friends, if you have made it this far, I hope you will read on a little farther.  I hope you will hear what I am trying to tell you.  It is so very important.

8 Stay away from those images! Do NOT visit those sites! Don’t even give yourself the opportunity.  Because opportunity leads to weakness and in your weakness you may fall.  Put content blocks on your computers, your tablets, your cell phones and give someone else the password.  Place your computer in a room where other people are witness to keep you from being tempted.  Place Bible verses on your monitor.  If you have daughters, place photos of their faces on your monitor too.  Avert your eyes! Flee! Do everything you possibly can to keep yourself from visiting those sites.  I repeat, stay away from those images! Do NOT visit those sites!

9 Because if you do, you may lose everything you have.  No matter how old you are you may lose something.  Whether it be the innocence of your childhood, your self-respect, your job, your family, or your witness. You risk losing all that you have achieved, and love.

10 Don’t forget that you are also contributing to the wealth and power of the pornography industry while you risk everything you have.  Does this sound right? No.

11 In the end you will wish you had never heard of the internet and you will be forever plagued by the consequences and images of this sin.

12 You will end up saying to yourself,

“Why did I do this?” “Why did I let my guard down?” “Why did I keep clicking?” “Why didn’t I close that window?”

13 “Why didn’t I listen to the Holy Spirit telling me to stop?” “Why didn’t I listen to those who told me to avoid it?”

14 “I am ruined, and now everyone will know.”

15 Are you single? You should be saving yourself, and your mind for your future wife. Are you married? If so, you should be sharing your love with your wife and your wife only!

16 Should you be looking at someone else’s wife or daughter like that?  I think we all know the answer.

17 Save yourself for your marriage.  Save yourself for your wife. (If you are single this means your future marriage, and your future wife)

18 Let her be the one you will look at.  Let her be the one you will fill your mind with.

19 Enjoy her and delight in her only.  Become captivated by her love.

20 Why let your-self be pulled down to the immoral world of pornography.  Burning images into your mind that you cannot remove.

21 Because even though you think no one sees you and that what you look at is hidden, God sees you.  Every time you click another link, He sees you.

22 Do you want to become THAT person who is so ensnared by pornography that he can’t get out? That he becomes a slave to it?

23 That man is doomed because of his lack of self-control.  Lost because of his lack of wisdom.


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