The Challenge…

365 consecutive days of married, blissful intimacy.

The Players…

Christina: age 38

Nathaniel: age 38

Christina is a stay at home mom, a homeschool teacher, author, music lover, avid book reader, and dance teacher. She has two biological children and one step child, all boys, all energy.  She and Nathaniel have been married since 2004.

Nathaniel is a customer service representative for a box plant. He is a driven and hardworking man. He is an avid reader, lover of music, golf, baseball and theology.  Nathaniel is a father to three boys and homeschool principal to two of them.

Along with all the good Christina and Nathaniel are blessed to be a part of they have some frustrations, pains, and as Celebrate Recovery states, some hurts, habits and hang-ups. They had skeletons dangling in their closet until they decided to come clean and kick the past out of the room. Nathaniel is a recovered porn addict and Christina has anxiety and anger issues that stem from her Dissociated Identity Disorder N.O.S (Not Otherwise Specified).

Above all they adore Jesus Christ and attend church regularly. They can often be found in the front row soaking in the worship and the word of God.

Challenge Start Date…

November 26, 2013



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  1. Thanks! I am just thankful to have a forum for my voice…and it is so nice to read the comments. I also get fueled by all the views per day….we are still such a small blog but it blows my mind to see country after country listed! Crazy for this small town USA girl 😉


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