Psychology Today

Excellent quote from Psychology Today magazine;

Regarding what people do talk about and do not talk about in therapy…but I think it really applies outside of the therapist’s office too.

“It’s not quite true that patients don’t talk about sex. What is true is that patients don’t talk about sex as much as they acknowledge that it’s important to talk about it.”

Barry Farber

Got us thinking today…just because we have sex every day (last night was 1200 nights in a row) doesn’t mean even we talk about it all that often. We joke, we flirt, we make innuendos, but how often are we really talking about what matters regarding sex?

And what does matter?

How you/your spouse feels about sex…

How often you/your spouse would like it…

What adventures you/your spouse would like to try… (most of us are very unafraid to voice what we definitely do not want to do, but how many of us really and with confidence say what we do want?)

Food for thought… What matters to you about sex and are you talking about it with your spouse in a loving, healthy non-judgmental way?~~

~~~Christina 🙂



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