Your Opinion Matters

Nathaniel and I are working on turning the blog into a book….here are some chapter concepts we are working on.

We would love your feedback.

Which topics resonate with you the most…and if you would not mind, why?


In no real order,

  1. Closeness and intimacy must be worked on, not left alone.
  2. Marriage and couple first, THEN the kids.
  3. God first always!
  4. Sex is icing.
  5. Sex releases built up frustration, anger and leads to clearer thinking.
  6. Do for each other not for yourself….and in turn you will have helped yourself.
  7. Dig a little deeper to find your well. When you know yourself you can truly know another and then be connected with that person.
  8. Sex is easy, intimacy is hard.
  9. He says YES, she says MAYBE.
  10. Porn addiction and childhood abuse.
  11. Low self-esteem and other body issues.
  12. Lies we heard and once (or still) believed: sex is bad, marriage is too hard, the kids trump the couple, couples get divorced anyway…why try? Porn is unforgivable and childhood abuse ruined me.
  13. Rising above sex and marriage lies, putting God first in a real, tangible way.

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