The Broken Way

Earlier this season I reviewed a book by Ann Voskamp called, The Broken Way. It is a great book! Well…. as hoped for, she has written a Bible study and produced a corresponding  DVD. She breaks up her book into six sessions. Each with an eye-catching, heart-string pulling title.

“How Do We Live This One Broken Life?”

“Living Cruciform”

“Learning to Receive”

” Real Koinonia”

“Embracing Inconvenience”

“Who We Serve”

I just love titles….they say so much in so few words. And these few words really do encompass her chapters, which are full! Each chapter in the Bible study is complete with weekly session, poignant stories, a note sheet that goes with the DVD, tons of in depth questions and scripture. Each chapter ends with a prayer and an “In Between Session” section. I love the In Between Session sections, they are a time for personal reflection after the group DVD sessions. There is so much packed into this Bible study…right up my alley! And I am sure you will love it too.

The DVD is beautifully presented and Ann’s voice is very soothing and peaceful. She weaves personal stories throughout the DVD keeping the viewer engaged and wanting to know the end of the story. A true mark of a storyteller.

This workbook set walks participants through those times when life leaves us feeling broken and empty. The study lends a hand in keeping us accountable while we take baby steps through the storms of life.

My extra copy has already been given out, but please don’t let this great Bible study set pass you by!





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