Journal the Word Bible—-A Reveiw

I process life through ink; great quotes, necessary notes, list of To-Do’s and journaling the moments of life. More often than not my left hand is inked with a note, the bathroom mirror is covered in Expo marker and scratch paper reminders litter counters. I also process God’s word though writing.
My current bible is my favorite, most treasured book. Its leather is peeling, the ribbon is thread-bare and the side binding resides uncovered. The outside it torn and tattered but the inside is rich and full. I write and underline all over my bible, adding sermon notes and questions and realizations I make during my time reading The Word. This bible of mine, though written in on every possible inch of free space was not created to hold this volume of pen scratch. But a bible arrived on my door step that was!
The Journal the Word Bible (available in KJV and NKJV) was created just for writers, scribblers, note takers and artists who refuse to keep their ink out of their bibles. This journaling bible provides a single column format which keeps the eye focused on the word instead of jumping all around looking at bible notes. Each page has ample room to write. Lines are provided, but the artist in me uses the lines merely as a suggestion rather than a hard guideline.
At first I was a bit perplexed with the lack of a glossary, concordance, maps or any other resources and foot notes. These deleted items were replaced with empty lined pages in the back of the bible to write and draw on, I love it! The more I use this bible, the more I realized how simplistically deep of a book it really is, even without all the extra reference material. This lack of extras allows me to keep focused on just the text of the bible instead of becoming distracted by all the additional information. For me it is easy to go down a rabbit hole of end notes, concordance verses and glossary terms. The Journal the Word Bible helps keep me singularly focuses on God’s Word, and now what was a perplexity is a beautiful part of what makes this unique bible a pretty great addition to my vast bible collection.
The hard back book, while weighty, provides an exceptional flat base on which to write, with pleasing cream colored pages. I am loving journaling God’s Word in this new bible.

For your chance to win a copy of this bible (a $50.00 value!)
send me your email address on TWITTER, FACEBOOK or this BLOG.
WINNER ANNOUNCED NOVEMBER 20th, 2016…… Good luck!


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