The Broken Way

The Broken Way—A Book Review

“You’ve never stood in the majesty of an oak that didn’t come from a busted seed.”

Ann Voskamp’s new book, The Broken Way; a daring path into the abundant life, is best summed up in her quote above. All the broken pieces of ourselves we think are detritus are really fractured seeds awaiting the nutrients needed to bloom.

Through the heartache and unhealed pains life etched on Voskamp’s heart she was able to grow deeper in her walk with Christ, closed to her children and husband and gain footing on her childhood wounds. This book is her story of how she found life after loss, life after tragedy and life after death.

Voskamp’s memoir recounts her journey from brokenness to wholeness as she kept her eyes on Christ she inked in cruciform on her wrist. Her wrist; an area of her body that once held the pain of her childhood is now a site of remembrance, holding God’s love and sacrifice.

In The Broken Way Voskamp details many beautiful examples of her pain, her loss and God’s love and repair. One such example is the acronym GIFT. Instead of accepting gifts for her birthday one year, Ann decided to give gifts, all over her town, to unsuspecting people. With this “Give It Forward Today”, as she called her act of generosity, she realized an important truth. “Allow Christ in you to give away the gift of Himself right through your brokenness. God gives God so we can be the givers. The gift-ers.” Her husband, “The Farmer” (I love that nickname), restates this GIFT idea; The best way to de-stress is to bless.” Simple, focused, deeply profound. Give until your basket is empty, and then allow God to refill it and give until empty again. In this emptying of our God gift baskets we find healing, joy, love, peace, comfort— we find God! I love this!! To be the church (the body of Christ) that God calls us to be, we may actually enjoy healing from our own hurts, all because we blessed others through our desire to live like God.

The Broken Way is Ann’s story, but it relates to us all. Everyone has a hurt in life that has gone unresolved, unhealed and even untouched by God. Untouched, because we are often afraid of the pain acknowledging that hurt will unearth. But take comfort in Ann’s story as an example of what Christ’s hand can do with the broken pieces even when we are only a little willing to let Him in.


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