Sex on the Brain

 Christina Says…

I think about sex often.

It’s the streak and the blog and the conversations that pop up around me…sex is everywhere.

But, what is it that I am thinking so much about?

Often, I think about how it will be tonight and when we will get to do it. Sometimes I think about not wanting to do it, but knowing I am going to anyway. Most of the time I am thankful and excited I get to do it with my awesome husband. And I know he thinks the same of his time under the sheets with me.

But, I also think about how sex has, in the past, inked a black mark on my heart and mind. I think about the anxiety sex bubbles up in me and I think about the reason for that anxiety…a thin memory of a time I was taken advantage of as a child…or maybe it was several times. Not sure. Hard to remember.

And then I think about God and my intimate relationship with Him. I think about where I was and how I, through His leading, have come to this place in my life. A place where sex is not bad, not a means to an end, not an abuse and not a one sided act of carnal pleasure. And as I think about the connection of God and sex, I pray. I give my intimate relationship with my husband to God through my intimate relationship with my Heavenly Father.

It may seem weird to place God and sex in the same sentence, but for me it makes clear and perfect sense. God leads all who choose to follow Him…even with sexual relationships.

When you think of sex….what goes through your mind? 

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