Christina says…

I write a lot about intimacy, but I am also a children’s book author. It may seem strange to talk about intimacy and children in the same post…but if intimacy, in its barest definition, is closeness with loved ones, then what could be closer than reading a great book with a child?

I have a few signed copies left that I would love to send out to a lovely reader. But, there are also some for sale on Amazon if you prefer.

The books are $20.00….It may be a bit much for a children’s book, but in the end I only make about $1.00 per book. The purchase of a book is a great way to donate to a certain blog about intimacy that you love 😉

I thank you in advance!

Let me know if you would like a signed copy….or check out the Amazon link below.

Please email me about signed copies,


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