Fill in the Blank

I have set up a fun Fill-In-The-Blank on Twitter.

First two….

Sex with my spouse is like__________________

I wish sex with my spouse was (like)____________

Come on over to Twitter and check out my replies and fill in your own answers. 🙂 See ya there!


2 thoughts on “Fill in the Blank

  1. I’m not seeing a lot of entries in the Twitter “fill in the blank.” While I love your blog, it would be a bedroom death sentence for me to tweet those answers. That’s likely why it’s being left alone — just didn’t want you to feel badly for all your very good work.

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    1. Thank you so much for loving the blog! I appreciate your honesty regarding the Twitter question…I have no doubt that is what is holding people back from adding to it. Unfortunately, sex is a topic very, very few people are willing to open up and talk about. One day the dam will break and people will talk. And I will be here waiting for those brave souls to walk through. 🙂


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