Setting the Foundation Part Four…Thoughts to Ponder


Christina Says…


What is daily life like in your home?

How do the comings and goings of your daily life affect the closeness you feel or don’t feel toward your spouse?

Every person, couple and family has specific customs, or rituals, they follow every day.

For example…

** After putting the kids to bed, Nathaniel and I often sit down on the couch to watch T.V. until bed.

** Nathaniel and I wake early every morning, before the kids wake up.

** Most nights, after a family dinner, Nathaniel and I engage in some sort of physical playtime with the kids.

In each of the above examples lies intimacy, closeness with one another. We may be sitting next to each other enjoying a show we picked together, or waking purposefully to spend the quiet morning hours together. Or we may be actively engaged with the family as a whole. Intimacy really does lie within each example because there is more to intimacy than the carnal actions of sex.

Does intimacy live in your daily habits? Maybe it does, but you’ve missed it somehow….

How can the everyday and the mundane social climate of your marriage and family life lead to intimacy?

What opportunities of closeness are you missing between you and your spouse?

Which opportunities are you catching?


Coming soon…

The conclusion post to the Setting the Foundation series, Part Four; Social Conditions

And…check out our NEWEST page, Prayers for Intimacy


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