Some days I remember a time long ago, almost forgotten, so gray it feels like a dream. Sometimes I remember a moment, or more, stolen from me. Sometimes I remember I have a VOICE.

I couldn’t scream

So music screams for me


Duct tape—

Hard rock

Plastic bag—

Soulful jazz

Hip thrust—

Dance jamz




Lyrical lyrics winding deep in me



No one heard

No one hears

Fade to wallpaper

Fade to black


No middle ground

Between screams

                                And silence

Only pips and squeaks and breathy moans



If I lose my voice only to find it again

It’s through the hum and bass and treble and lyric

So fragile a line, so thin to connect it

Caught between him and me, who’s sin, who’s in… begin


Sometimes relationships are clouded by past abuses, my relationship with my husband is. Though we have both been through some level of abuse and misdirection we still chose to come together to learn from and grow from that which haunts us. We hope the same for you if you have suffered through any abuses.


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