Love Becomes


Love becomes what He wants as She is taken in by the smell of attention paid.

She loses herself hooked by the crook of His arm as they float in the high school parade.


Love becomes what She wants as She grows into Herself, strong, lovely, roaring independence.

As She gains Herself, She loses Him, scared by the new found transcendence.


Love becomes hidden, broken and at best beaten down,

Covered by darkness, no light enters in, no sound.


Love peeks out timid, unsure,

Willing to try, very demure.


Love becomes We, no longer a He or a She, but And,

United, bonded, held hand in hand.


Love becomes thick, full and totally enmeshed, it looks out, it is life, it is strong.

No longer do He and She cling to lives once past, but cleave to their bond that will forever live long.


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