Love Is…


Love is warmth.

Warmth from your heart as it radiates down to me

Warmth on a cold fall night as I am bitten by the shivers

And you heat me, wrapping close around me


Love is kindness you show me every day.

With forethought you ensure all my favorite shows record

You ask about my day, if I’m okay and if I know you love me


Love is forgiveness, shown by a smile from the corners of your mouth

A lighthearted joke and a kiss on the lips

Even when I’m not ready to forgive you


Love is less than perfect and more than expected.

It is smiles and laughs and smacks on the butt

It is extra blankets on the bed when you are too hot and I am too cold

It is drives in the dark to see all the Christmas lights

And daily fires in the fireplace

It is worry and struggles when money is never abundant but always enough

It is hardworking, logical but never bland


Love is a handful of glitter tossed in the air.

Unknowing where it will land but always beautiful to lie under and watch

And sometimes a piece of sparkling glitter gets stuck in Love’s eye

Once out it is realized it was only a speck compared to the beauty we are covered in


Love is true, kind and happy.

Love is forgiving, peaceful and hardworking.

Love is my husband.


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