What the… PMS? meh.

Christina says…

I am realizing how my PMS affects EVERYTHING…my will to write…who will read it…what’s the point. My desire to workout…why, I will always be fat. My desire to exert any energy for anyone… I am sure I will only tick off someone, or them me. And sex…REALLY? Meh. I don’t wanna, well until we are in it…then it’s cool and great. What a poopy cruel trick this PMS crap is LOL…

I’ve had my babies, and we are sooo done. Love them, but, no more please. And with that PMS should just switch to off without starting up menopause. It is days like this, the last two to three days of PMS before it switches over to the dreaded “crimson wave” so perfectly coined by Alicia Silverstone in Clueless, that all life feels hopeless, my parenting skills come into severe question and any ounce of creativity pours straight out of my head. In fact, as I write this my sweet son is continually asking me more and more questions about the crackers I already said he could have, I utter the words, “For the love of God, please let me write!”( It’s kinda Tommy Boy).

This week of PMS (Pardon Me while I Scream) writing, choreographing, reading, planning, finishing a sentence, finishing a thought becomes utterly impossible. I write until I am interrupted and then, poof…GONE! My brain simply can not hold the thought one millisecond longer. Enter frustration. Enter cranky momma. Enter boring, tired, not sexy wife. meh.

Despite the fact that I am bobbing on the depressing ocean of PMS, I have still managed to have sex with my husband for the 958th night in a row. There have been many PMS filled nights within those 958 nights…last night was no different. What I can appreciate about my situation is, yes PMS is a “situation” at my house; when the momma ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy, that we still have the streak to save me from my own mood. Without the streak of nightly intimacy I would unknowingly allow myself to be sucked into my own vortex of depression, pulling anyone who dared to come close in with me. But because we made the commitment to have a sex streak I have to stay conscious and overcome my own crappy attitude for the sake of something bigger, something better and for someone else. PMS brings its victims back to the ego state of Me-Centeredness. But the streak brings that Me Monster back from the brink and into the gentle clutches of a caring husband.

PMS sucks! But, my husband is gentle and kind and patient and when we get to be intimate together I can pull myself out of my own way and commune with him instead. That is way better than focusing on all the frustration of PMS.


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