How Do You Love?

There is a most excellent song from one of my favorite bands, Shinedown, called “How Do You Love?” The  lyrics are running through my head today, asking me…How did you love?

I hear the present, though not often, sharp tones that escape my mouth from time to time when I speak to my kids or husband. It’s not love. It is self-serving selfishness. When the harsh tones pour from my face I hear them now more and more, a skill gone un-mastered for so many years. And when I hear it; the tone, the shrillness, the selfishness  I cover my mouth with my hand, with my acknowledgement, with God’s pure forgiveness and I step closer to speaking in love instead.

Listen to the song and leave a comment…How Do You Love?


9 thoughts on “How Do You Love?

      1. I’m jealous! I’ve never seen them! Really?! That’s weird! I hope it’s not deleted lol.


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