Hare if You Dare, but the Turtle Wins the Race


Christina says…


Since we’ve hit 888 nights in a row of sex, we tend to experience a few specific scenarios:

The- we-are-worn-out-from-the-day-quickie,




And The-normal-length-normal-excitement-normal-everything-nights.

Some of our more charged up romps end up starting from one of these scenarios, especially one of the quickie situations. The blood gets pumping and adrenaline starts flowing. Faster and more adrenalized sex=better, right?

Sure, Yes, totally…But there is another situation that, at least in my household, does not get as much attention as it needs.

      The slow-go-romp. While it is one of our favorite bedtime scenarios, it does not get practiced as often as it should. Perhaps that is because we do it every day and the longer sessions are just that, longer. Or maybe I am just a freak of nature female because I prefer to be the rabbit in bed while my husband prefers to be the tortoise.

In May’s issue of Shape Magazine, a slow paced night in bed “can lead to more passionate, intense sex”.


Slower sex sessions can bring more pleasure: When sex is slower, the moment takes over instead of the end result. With less pressure and stress associated with sex, not only does a climax come more easily, but more enjoyably.


Slower sex sessions can inspire creativity: Falling into the rut of a handful of quickie scenarios gets old. Shaking up the quickie rut with some slower action enables you to try out new positions. Get creative, figure out what each other likes and do it!


Slower sex sessions can be extra intimate: The slower paced you go, the more time you have to actually make eye contact and kiss each other, two elements in intimate moments that can be lacking during quickies.


Slower sex sessions can enhance a stronger finish: Relaxation works not only for the mind but for the body as well. When you mind is relaxed your skin becomes more sensitive and this sensitivity plus the longer love making sessions kicks the orgasm into high gear.


Slower sex sessions can extend that after sex good vibe: A slower, longer sex session allows the brain to release “mood-boosting and stress releasing chemicals for longer”. And, hey, who wouldn’t want to feel that great afterglow peace longer, am I right?



      So, hare it up, be the quickie rabbit if all you want is a superficial bang. But according to magazine science, slower is better. There is a lot to be said for a well-placed, hot and heavy quickie, but overall, slow is the way to go! I have been learning to enjoy the effects of slower bedtime sessions lately—turtle sex; (ya, I hear it, that analogy sounds so creepy) catching up to my husband’s desires to extend the time involved and be enveloped by the act longer.

My next personal challenge…to be less chatty during longer sex sessions… Sorry babe, my writer’s mind starts wandering, and my mouth can’t contain my thoughts, even during sex.


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