The standstill. The stop sign. The crossroads and fork in the road.

Halted by red, vibrating on yellow.

Anxious to make a choice, so as not to explode.


Gun it on green, go left, right and in between.

All together, all at once,

With nothing for directions except for a tiny hunch.

To choose only one side leaves out all the rest.

The rest are important to bring me life’s zest.


So I sit here and stall,

Excited by the options, numb to the decision,

Until He whispers , “Stand …Still”.


“Stand still and know that I Am,

The He who will lead as long as you will follow.

The He who knows the path amidst the chaos and blur,

Take your blinders off, child, stare up at me for I am your guide.”


I am your tree…

Of life and direction, of hope and of love.

Follow this One who has the plan from above.

Stand still in me not still in you…

Still from the pressure and decision and change,

Still stuck in your own cage.


Stand firm, stand still in my heart and you will see,

Me at the helm full of fire and free.


Free from the dust of a stagnant life, free from the world’s worry and strife.

Lift your eyes and your chin,

For now it begins.

The next step you will stride,

Will be with me by your side.




2 thoughts on “Standstill

  1. I like this,too…shaking up the format.  I like the picture of vibrating at yellow. Red is the color of lifeblood,fury, and deep passion. Worth waiting for

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