Let's Go Streaking

I, Christina, once saw foreplay as enough. Enough for the guy I wouldn’t sleep with. It wasn’t intimacy for past guys but more a means to an end they unknowingly couldn’t get. I suppose that was intimate to me because I held the control, the secret, the knowledge that this was all they would get.

Now I see foreplay as superficial fluff. My adorable husband gets to move past “Go” and collect his $200, why bother with superficialities when the prize is actually attainable?

Nathaniel asked in last week’s post, “Does she no longer seek superficial intimacy because I give her all the necessary attention she required and desired for so many years?” I guess my answer is, perhaps. This goes along with me thinking we are both going to score, so why does all the extra stuff matter? And it may not matter much to me, but it does matter…

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