As 2016 approaches and we are all bent on reinventing ourselves and making vows to better ourselves, I encourage you to ponder these questions…


What is one thing you believe to be true about sex and your sexuality? Why do you believe this?

What is one false thing you were taught and still struggle with about sex and your sexuality? Why is this still a struggle?

What is the difference between sex and intimacy for you in your relationship right now?

When do you take control of sex and intimacy? What does this look like?

When do you allow your spouse to take control of the intimacy and sex? What does this look like?

Why is it important to notice and then understand the differences between how you and your spouse view sex and intimacy?

What do you and your spouse do to maintain a healthy relationship with each other in general? Are these self-serving or “other” serving? Why?

What tactics of control have you used on your spouse, do they work? What is the payoff for you? Examples of one spouse controlling the other could come in the form of guilt, anger, persistence, boundary pushing, withholding love, etc.

If marriage is not meant to be the place where we get completed as a person, how can you find completeness for yourself? How can you use this feeling toward intimacy?

Happy New Year,

Much Love….Christina and Nathaniel



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