Thank you to all those who read our blog. We are so appreciative.

As we continue to follow God’s path for our lives I (Christina) continue to hear Him more and more, guiding me, leading me, speaking to me, and pouring in to me.

Lately He is whispering to me, “Are you asking the right questions?” The right questions with the blog, the right questions in my life, the right questions in my marriage, child rearing, dance classes, book writing, homeschooling, etc. And now I sit back and ponder this, am I asking the right questions?

As I ponder this I am also opening up the floor to you, our readers, our followers, our friends… Are you asking the right questions in your life, in your marriage, in your walk with Christ? What needs to be addressed in your life?

I encourage you to post your comments, thoughts and questions on our blog, our Facebook page, my Twitter page (@ChristinaRhoad7) and even straight to my email.

Thank you!


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