What Intimacy Looks Like For Us

What do we want?

We want to maintain a streak of sex for 365 days in a row, and then to continue as far beyond that as possible.


It started out just being for fun, a challenge, the next thing to do in our intimate relationship. We had survived and enjoyed our many smaller streaks in the past and now we wanted to up the ante.

Why not?

554 days ago (as of June 4, 2015) the concept of a streak was nothing much more to us than a fun game we would be able to play with each other every day for a year. We chalked it up to purposeful adult time each day. A time to solely focus on each other, for a few minutes (or longer), without being pulled by our children, a ringing phone, TV, work or anything else. Our streak is not a standard we are trying to set for everyone to attain, but an example of a point. Make time for intimacy in small and big ways daily, be vulnerable, and act for each other for the greater good of the marriage.


The stipulations are very easy. Sex every day for a whole year. It is always on the table, with no need to wonder nightly if tonight would be the night. Unless one of us came down with the flu and were throwing up, sex is always a given. Naughty phone calls do not count. And intercourse must be started before midnight. There are no other parameters, like only in the bedroom, or on nights when we did not have a fight. For the record whoever said make-up sex was blissful, wonderful and the best sex ever never had sex immediately after a huge fight or during a fight while emotions were still simmering.

While the stipulations are easy on paper, challenges arise, feelings sometimes get hurt and on occasion I go to what I call “The Bad Place”. But, above all the negativity that can bubble up in even the healthiest of marriages, we still push through for our greater good.

In what ways, big or small, are you making time for daily intimacy in your marriage? May it be sex, or anything else. What does intimacy look like in your marriage?

Post a comment I would love to get the conversation started.


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